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Well Control on Coke Bottle

2019-11-01     Source:



“Today we begin to install the blowout preventer, which is a high-risk direct operation. I am in charge of the operation of the BOP lifting device. Gu pengfei, the assist driller, is in command at the wellhead. Chen shi and Hassan, the derrick man, are responsible for tightening the bolts. We operate step by step through the job safety checklist."


On October 30, Xu bin, driller of Sinopec-270 of ZPEB Kuwait subsidiary, arranged his work and told his co-workers not to forget the safety in operation.




Just then, Li yuan, the tool pusher, came to the BOP equipment. He carefully examined the four-way steel ring groove and told Hassan, a Bangladeshi employee, that the steel ring groove must be cleaned. Perhaps a grain of sand could lead to a bad sealing. Hassan understood. He cleaned the groove again.




After installing the blowout preventer, Chen Shi took a bottle of coke and threw it to Hasan. Xu bin pointed to the coke bottle and said to Hassan humorously: "The BOP is like the bottle cap. We drink coke but don't let it spill over. This is just like the well control. Close the blowout preventer and tighten the cap.” Hassan laughed and said: “I remember, well control, the coke."

安装完防喷器便开始试压,陈实拿了一瓶可乐扔给哈桑。徐斌指着可乐瓶,对哈桑风趣地说:“防喷器就像这个瓶盖,我们要喝可乐,但不能让可乐溢出来。关闭防喷器,拧紧瓶盖,这就是油气井的压力控制,简单地说就是井控。”“我记住了,井控,好喝的可乐,还要控制好。”哈桑大笑着说道。(文图/张文超 杨红苏 翻译/邵瑞娟)




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